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Ulixies was a yacht sold by a broker customer of ours that was suffering from very worn teak all over. A yacht like this has so much deck area that it was really letting down the rest of it so something had to be done.

First we had to remove all the old teak methodically without damaging the gel coat or fittings (many of which we had to remove completely) and prep the surfaces. It's time consuming, but just like painting a boat, time spent getting the prep done right gives a much better finish in the end.

Finally we custom templated the entire yacht and designed the deck with the customer, right down to the detailing and cut outs in the new toe rail. Finally fitting the new deck and putting all the deck gear back. The end result was fantastic.

Key facts;

  • Location: Southampton, UK
  • Areas: Entire boat. Bow, side decks, coach roof, cockpit, seats and transom
  • Design details: Margins on all panels, side decks swept together into a central king plank in the bow. Custom toe rail, additional snapes in some areas and mini 25mm margins on removable panels.

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