The Pershing Terrace

7Pines Resort, Ibiza

A very special project completed in conjunction with 12.18. Corporate Group, Germany and Pershing Yachts, Italy. The Pershing Yacht terrace is a one of a kind 250sqm terrace bar overlooking the Mediterranean sea on the south coast of 'The White Isle'.

The brief was to create a bar with the feeling of a luxury super-yacht. Traditional teak however is very expensive, especially when you need so much of it, and the maintenance that would be required in a bar setting would be prohibitive. So 12.18. brought us in to design, build and fit a synthetic teak deck.

We were involved from the beginning, helping to design the sub floor that we'd lay on top of and ensuring that we had adequate drainage across such a vast area. The project was managed through to completion with our expert team from the UK living near to site while fitting was completed.

The bar opened for the beginning of the 2018 season.

Key facts;

  • Location: Ibiza, Spain
  • Areas: 250sqm of the bar over two levels
  • Design details: Extra wide 125mm margins, built in 900mm wide lengths to allow drainage between.

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