The next generation of synthetic marine decking.

Flexiteek is a synthetic teak decking product made of composite materials, 100% recyclable to other products and its non–slip quality is superb. The deck will not fade, dry out, split or crack and requires minimal maintenance.

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This 2nd generation synthetic teak decking has, along with improving the heat reflecting properties, also been developed to reduce thermal transfer in hot climates. Flexiteek 2G cools 30% faster under foot than traditional synthetic decking, allowing you to walk across it barefoot.

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Flexiteek 2G offers up to 35% weight saving over rival synthetic decking systems, making it of special interest to owners of performance yachts, multihulls and power boats.
Thickness = 5mm.
Weight = 4.5 kg per m2

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Flexiteek 2G is fully recyclable, made using REACH compliant phthalate free plasticizer. Indeed all of our waste material from deck production is also recycled.

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Commercially Approved

With excellent performance in slip/ramp tests, thermal effusivity tests and fire regulation testing, Flexiteek 2G can be used on ships, ferries and in other commercial applications.

Ribeye steps with Flexiteek installed

Key facts

  • Flexiteek is the market leader of synthetic marine decking.
  • No sealing or ongoing maintenance required.
  • Excellent non-slip surface. Wet or dry, Flexiteek provides amazing grip in the toughest conditions (ASTM D 4518).
  • Flexiteek does not turn grey or fade.
  • Stain resistant, soap and water will remove most spills easy (oil, fuel, red wine, fish blood etc).
  • UV tested (ASTM G 154-00) and proven UV resistant.
  • Welded system without adhesives which provides a deck that is waterproof.
  • No screw holes - Flexiteek and the glue will work as a sandwich construction on your boat.
  • Low combustibility (Flammability tested to AS/NZ 53837).

11 Colours

(swatches are not colour accurate)


black, white & grey caulking


black, white & grey caulking


black, white & grey caulking


black, white & grey caulking


black, white & grey caulking


black, white & grey caulking


black, white & grey caulking


grey & white caulking only


grey & white caulking only


black & white caulking only

Off White

grey & black caulking only

Trim Profiles

Rubbing Rail 65mm

Teak, Scrubbed, Weathered, Carbon

This 65mm x 20mm profile is versatile and can be used as a rubbing rail or for cladding, slatting and other applications.

Rubbing Rail 100mm

Teak, Scrubbed, Weathered, Carbon

This 100mm x 20mm profile is versatile and can be used as a rubbing rail or for cladding, slatting and other applications.

Nosing Section

Teak, Scrubbed, Weathered, Grey

The 40mm x 20mm nosing section can be used as an edging product for steps or furniture.

Toe Rail

Teak, Scrubbed, Weathered

The 34 x 40mm toe rail section is made in standard 2.4m lengths and is perfect to replace your existing teak rail for a uniform look. Screw holes are plugged just like real teak.

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Flexiteek 2G is a global leader in synthetic decking technology and Mantis Marine are expert authorised fitters.

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6 Reasons to use Mantis Marine & Flexiteek 2G™️

  1. Virtually zero maintenance
  2. Looks and feels like teak
  3. Lower cost compared to teak
  4. 5 year transferable guarantee
  5. We have 12 years experience
  6. Fitted to most major yacht makes and hundreds of models

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